Who are York's heroes?

That was the question I posed as I set out on an ambitious project to paint six of the city's great and good.


Earlier last year began my campaign to ask the public to nominate people they thought worthy of being captured in a portrait.


The idea for the York Heroes project came after the devasting floods of Boxing Day 2015.  I was aware that in York we all came together in the floods.  It made me realise there are people out there who do amazing things and it would be nice to celebrate them in painting.


The six subjects are not flood heroes, but heroic in their lives.  I wanted to find people who deserve recognition for making a difference to the lives of people in York and it's surroundings.


Importantly for me was to meet and chat with each hero, giving me an insight to both their personalities and characters.  Whether it be a traditionl oil painting, an illustration ready for a storybook or a papercut collage of press cuttings - each portrait is unique, in content and style as I have given my atistic response to each hero.


The last time all these portraits will be shown will be Jan 2019 at York Explore, Museum Square, York.  I will then glady donate each portrait back to each hero as my way of saying thank you.


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